Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Track With My Goal!

As I said in an earlier post, I want this pregnancy to be healthier than my first. My first pregnancy I put on 70 pounds, and I was not in shape, especially for the labor. I'm happy to say, that this pregnancy, I am already doing significantly better!
Though my food choices can be worlds better, and my exercise could use a boost, I am still continuing to lose weight! I was floored when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a lower number. This has me so excited, not only for myself, but for the baby! Also has me motivated!
There are some things I need to work on however. My appetite has been horrendous. Like most pregnant women, there are certain foods that repulse me. But it goes a bit further then that. It will come to be dinner time, and there is nothing that appealing to me. Even if I imagine a menu of endless possibilities, nothing surfaces. My husband one night was willing to make a trip to the store just to get a specific meal for dinner, and there's nothing I can think of! So more often then not, I have to just kind of force myself to eat something. Of course when its in front of me, I'm happy to eat it, but in the midst of preparing the meal, I am sick to my stomach with the idea of eating it! All par for the course I suppose. So I am hoping to some how begin to manage that.
I also need to solidify my work out routine a bit more. It's pretty sporadic right now, but I'm looking to start fresh this week and get it more regular.
Next baby appointment is on Thursday! Pretty sure I won't get to see the baby on ultrasound, but I will at least get to hear the little heartbeat!
My life is pretty boring, so not much to report!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing/Losing/Maintaining All at Once

Well, I would say Lent was a success. I vowed to be on facebook significantly less for the 40 days, and boy was that the right choice! I would hop on rarely to message someone I had no other means of contact with, but for the most part I was no where near it. In the past 40 days, my relationship with Christ has grown and strengthened in such an amazing way. My mentor (older sister in Christ that helps me grow as a Christian) gave me some reading material- The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, and Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman. Both I started towards the end of Lent, but they are phenomenal. I also noticed that my house was cleaner, my daughter received more attention, and I exercised more. Pretty pathetic huh...? But revealing none the less! My husband and I almost have completely cut out swearing as well. We weren't too terrible with it in the first place, but we both wanted it gone, before our daughter had the opportunity to repeat. And plus, it doesn't help us become to become more Christ-like. For example, I would stub my toe and say "OH S#*@!"...  Not something I want my daughter saying, and it sounds lame coming out of my mouth too. Its funny, now that my hubby and I have stopped, I notice how much everyone else around me swears, and how ridiculous it sounds!! One example of why I'm proud to have stopped cussing is something I witnessed a toddler say recently... not much older than my girly, toddler was standing there, with juice box in hand, and the straw fell to the ground. The toddler's reaction to this was "Oh S#*@!". A few short minutes later, toddler tripped and fell, and belted out a "F*$@!". I would be humiliated if something like that came out of my daughter's mouth, therefore, I am so elated we have that garbage out of the house! Not to say my husband and I won't slip up here and there, but it will be a rare occasion, I'm hope! Wanting to say thank you to those who weren't anticipating my failure this Lent. This was surely something that was annoying and was an obstacle for me. I had to look at it as Satan trying to win over this Lent, and I will never let him win. There will always be negative nancy's out there, but they aren't always easy to deal with.

Peanutly is also another subject that has grown in the past 40 days! Though baby isn't much bigger than a large peach right now, things are just. not. fitting. I can already see that baby bump, and it has me so excited. I so enjoyed my first pregnancy, and this one is seemingly similar! No morning sickness, and often don't really even "feel pregnant"! Pretty sweet gig I have going! Amazingly enough though, just when I am starting to get that bad feeling I'm gaining all kinds of weight, I got on the scale only to find that I've lost a few more ounces! Nice motivation!! I've pretty much maintained at 212, and am hoping to see a lower number appear sooner than later. But aren't we all!!?