Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Don't beat yourself up!"

I don't know how much I've heard this phrase, just this week alone-

Don't beat yourself up!

My last post, I talked about how stressed I am about not getting to the gym every day. While words can't express what the support from my family and friends means to me, this is the one bit of support I can't listen to. 

The figure of speech "Don't beat yourself up!" means to me- "Don't be so hard on yourself!" and then boils down to-"Don't worry about it!" Sorry. That's how I got to this weight in the first place. I didn't beat myself up about not exercising for weeks at a time. I didn't beat myself up for eating all day long. 

So this week... making it to the gym only twice... yep. You guessed it. I'm beating myself up. I am happy to say that even though my schedule didn't allow for gym time, I did still lose .4 pounds this week. My view on this loss is purely optimistic. I attended three (not one.. not two... BUT THREE) Thanksgiving celebrations since my last weigh in. And only made it to the gym twice. So I'm happy for what could be a "night and day" loss. But, what I can't help dwelling on, is how much greater it would have been if I could have made it to the gym each day. So I guess that's only a little pessimistic. 

I have to figure this out. I can't go through this every other month when my husband switches to night shift. I have worked so hard for the weight I've lost. What sucks the most is still having the motivation, and not having the means. Complete hogwash! 

A complete post of complaining! Hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. You are doing great - sometimes beating yourself up can be motivating but sometimes destructive - you have to find the balance! xxx

  2. I'm going to make a plea for moderation (and being good to yourself). You're doing great ... keep it going and enjoy the success you've had and you're already planning your successes for the future :)

  3. I have to agree with the other ladies here. It is good to give yourself a kick int the pants, I do that every now and then myself, just find the right balance that works for you. Although you have yo be doing something right as you are doing so well :o)

  4. I also agree with the others, there must be balance. You certainly can't let yourself get to the point where not beating yourself up allows you to give excuses. However, beating yourself up to a point of getting down on yourself so you indulge in self destructive behavior is no good either.

  5. You'll get it figured out. I know it's hard but just focus on your goals and why you want to lose the weight and keep making good choices!