Sunday, December 18, 2011

5K Day!!!!!!!

I did it!!!!! I ran 5K today!!! I am SO proud of me. Pretty much the greatest I've felt since getting the surgery. I still want to shave 10 minutes off of my time. I ran it in 40 minutes and 35 seconds. My goal still stands to run 5K in half an hour. But I'm just so stoked about todays work out. YES!!!!

^Me on my 5Kday! ^
(Wearing my Not Of This World shirt... I know that [He] had something to do with it!)


  1. Awesome! It's such a great feeling when you conquer something like this, isn't it!

  2. 5K---awesome!!!!!! So exciting to read this!! I have just caught up on the last few posts (we have been gone on family vacation). I was so happy to read all about your new accomplishments!! You are doing AWESOME! And you LOOK amazing!! Knowing God is a big part of this makes such a difference!! Goals are easier to reach knowing He is in control! Can't wait to read more! :)

  3. Thank you so much everyone!! Your support truly helps get me through this!!!
    Sonja, I'll never forget the morning I gave my weight struggles over to Him. From the moment I did so, it has just taken off, in ways I would have never imagined!! Simply, because He does the unimaginable!