Monday, February 6, 2012

That Was Quick!

Well my fellow banditas and fellow friends!- I'm pregnant! Found out a week ago today. My husband and I had been talking about baby number two for a while, and officially made the decision to actively start trying on the 8th of January. Everything I had read about Trying To Conceive (TTC) after the band, was that it could take a few months. Well... leave it to Fertile Myrtle here, we got it done within 22 days of deciding to start TTC!
Since we were trying I new when I was ovulating and all that fun garbage... but the week after, I started to notice I was exhausted. Over nothing. Didn't want to go to the gym. Just wanted to lay on the couch all day. One of the many blessings from God that I have, is that I am able to be a stay at home Mom. So being glued to the couch with now ambition for a week straight was plausible for me. Maybe not acceptable... but definitely doable. So I took a week. Literally did nothing for the week, no house work, bare minimum for errands, and just laid around all day with my sweet baby girl. During that week I was feeling a lot of post-ovulation anxiety. Did it work? Do I still work? Did we do enough? Do we deserve this? Really had me feeling stressed and low. Which is when I kind of gave the whole thing over to the Lord. I know His will is whats going to be done anyway, so why should I bother stressing about it, and trying to control it?!
So after that first week of wallowing in an ambition-less rut, I decided I needed to break out of it. Snap out of it. Went out to lunch with friends, got back to the gym a little more, and definitely got my house back under control. However, I was still feeling run down. In order to not read into these symptoms too much, I blamed it on the quality of my sleep. I had been tossing and turning a lot, and having crazy weird dreams. Then getting up every morning at 7 am (on the dot) with my girly, made for some exhausting days. So I just tried to start going to bed earlier, and exercising more through out the day. I just didn't want to get my hopes up that all of these little things were signs of pregnancy if they were simply signs of a needed lifestyle boost.
I really started believing I was pregnant on the 27th of January. I went out to lunch with a good friend of mine, and long story short, ended up almost passing out on restaurant's bathroom floor. My friend drove me to the hospital, and one of the first things I told them was that my husband and I had been TTC and that I could be pregnant. I had been having weird dizzy spells for a while, but for some reason it had intensified when I went out to lunch. Well, they told me it was "Most likely irrelevant" but they would take a urine sample to be sure. At that point, I was only a 8 days past ovulation... so it wouldn't have shown up on a urine test. A blood test (which is what I am now learning they should have done) would have revealed I was indeed pregnant, and that it was not in fact vertigo (ha ha ha.) Oh well. Three day's later I got my big fat positive with not one, but two clear blue easy digital HPT. Regardless of all of the symptoms... the results of those tests knocked me right on my caboose! I was amazed at how fast God had answered he prayers of my husband and I!
Since these test results came back about 30 minutes after my husband left for work (right around 6 am) I had quite a bit of time to plan how I was going to tell him we were pregnant! So, here's what I came up with-

I was up a good hour before my daughter was due to wake up, so I planned the happiest way I could think of to tell my 18 month old that she was going to be a big sister! Not the she could understand, but I think it will be fun for her to look back on when she can understand! Tears (probably pregnant hormonal ones) fell from my face as my sweet girl ate her breakfast, and colored this awesome coloring page!

This was the finished product we came up with for Daddy! It was such a rich morning. 

Being the obsessive person I am, and being fortunate enough to get these positive results first thing on a Monday morning,  I was on the horn as soon as the appointment hotline opened so I could get in and get my blood work done. I wanted to have it done before I told my husband, partly because it would make it that much better, but also because I still couldn't quite believe that we were ALREADY pregnant. I dealt with a wonderful nurse named Merry, and she really helped me get things moving for the day so my obsessive plan could work out. After running around all day like a chicken with it's head cut off, I got the blood work done, and got the positive results back!! Talk about floating with happiness and excitement! 
My daughter and I drove right up to my husband's place of work. Luckily he had asked me to pick him up a sandwich for lunch, so it wasn't too insane that we were showing up in the middle of his work day. I stuck the coloring my daughter had done for her daddy inside the Subway bag, and handed it too him. I said "Hunny, baby girl colored you a picture this morning, I really think you'll like it." And of course he did! The look on his face was just perfect. And it brightened even more when I pulled the HPT's out of my pocket (didn't think he would have been to fond of my pee sticks being in with his food...). 

We. Are. SO. Excited!

So that's the story. And from here on out, I'll still be posting about my band. Just with a pregnant spin on it!!! 


  1. I'm so happy for you Kelly!!! I love being a mommy to two, so much so that I am considering adding a third in the future. I cannot wait to read all the updates on the newest baby to our extended Army family. <3 Give that beautiful girl of your a hug and kiss from us too.

  2. That is such an amazing story, Kelly! Very happy for you and your family :)

  3. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best. I am anxious more than ever to follow your journey!

  4. Congratulations to you and your husband!

  5. That's awesome! So excited for you!

  6. Wow!! Congrats! When you put your mind to something, you don't waste no time!! Hugs!!