Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final Pre-Op Stats!

12 pounds!!! Made this pre-op liquid diet worth it!!! I've lost 12 pounds already!
Getting on the scale this morning, I weighed myself 3 times. I just wanted to be sure I was reading it correctly. So happy with the results of the past 10 days. Nice to see hard work has paid off for once.

Needless to say I am up WAY to early. 6 am. Yuck.

So my before starting the liquid diet I was 255 lb. Today, the day I leave for Frankfurt for my surgery (which is actually tomorrow), I am 243 lb! 

Here's me! Bleary eyed and gung-ho! Ignore the crummy quality. 

Anyway! I'm off! Hopefully I'll be home Saturday! Banded! 


  1. Good luck. And keep us posted when you return.

  2. Run Forest Run!! I'll be here, rootin' for ya! Thinkin' about Shrimps!

  3. You did fantastic on your pre-op diet!! And you will do great after Surgery too!!

    I will be thinking of you tonight! I stay up until at least 3 am Pacific time, so I should be up when you go into Surgery!!

    I just gave you a shout out in my blog, so hopefully you will gain some new Follower's!!

    Please post when you can, to let us know that you are out of Surgery and all is well!!

    Welcome to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Bandster's!!

  4. Hi Kelly

    I am a new follower! Good luck tomorrow you will do great, because you ROCKED your PREOP diet it sounds like!

    That is way cool!

  5. Good for you Kelly. I'm excited for you!

    See you on the other side...


  6. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Check in when you can and let us know how you're doing.

  7. New follower here ... my sister lives in Dusseldorf and I used to live right between Frankfurt and Weisbaden :) You'll do great tomorrow ... especially with that great loss prior to surgery. My advise: sip-sip-sip water, walk, rest. repeat over and over and over again. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow !

  8. Goodluck and here's hoping for a speedy recovery :)!!!

  9. I can't even tell you what you support means to me! You've all brought tears to my eyes! So grateful for you all!