Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home and Banded!!

Well... It certainly has been an interesting couple of days. But I am banded and home. My abdomen surprisingly isn't the most painful part of this experience, its the pounding headache that has come along with it. I'm assuming its because I haven't eaten or had much to drink in about 3 days. So I'm trying to slowly(very slowly) pump the water. The worst part of this entire process, is not being able to pick up, and snuggle my daughter.

I have lost a total of 17lbs all together!! Pretty exciting!!

Well I'd love to write more right now, but I am beyond exhausted. Will write more about the surgery tomorrow! Thank you all for your on-going support!


  1. YAY - so glad things went well! Take care of yourself, keep walking and get your rest! xx

  2. That is wonderful news, take care of yourself and sip and sip and sip!!!!!

  3. Yippie....You're going to have so much more to give to your daughter...with the new you ... this is just a little blip in the big picture. Keep drinking that water!...and take good care of yourself!


  4. OMG Kelly!!! Congratulations on your banding, first of all! And secondly, I felt an instant connection with you...DH grew up on the Army base at Ramstein (sp?) and all I've heard are tales of his antics there in Germany. We've got SO much to talk about GF!!!

    Hope your'e recovering well and remember that the second part of the week is usually harder than the beginning, but you'll turn the corner quickly and be back to your old self sooner than you think!

    Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing!!! -BG

  5. Before you know it that little one will be climbing up onto the couch to snuggle with you!! At first I was thinking you could 'help' her up with a little encouragement, but that might not be such a great idea, huh? Have Joey sit her up there next to you for a little snuggle time. Please be careful, take it easy, stay hydrated and call me ANY TIME if you need anything..........not that I could come right over, but that would be nice!! I love you!! I'll talk to you in the morning!!

  6. Glad you're doing well but yesyesyes - get your rest. And sip your water and walk as much as you can ... you'll be back to real life soon :)

  7. Glad it went well...just like the other said...make sure to rest, walk whenever you can and stay hydrated.