Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well Hey!

It's been over a year?!? It has been a year and four days since my last post on Life of a Banded Army Wife. Wow. Well, allow me to make a come back?  
I did just as I said I was going to do in my last post and left Germany around 21 weeks pregnant. I spent the second half of my pregnancy in New Hampshire staying with my family, while my husband wrapped up our three year tour in Landsthul, Germany. I did end up getting a complete "un-fill" and had quite an uneventful remainder of my pregnancy. On October 4th, 2012, I welcomed my son, Ezra Ross William Smith into the world. He has truly completed our family. Here's a look at the boy now- nearly 8months old! 

In the middle of December 2012 we completed our PCS (permanent change of station for you non-mil folk) to Ft. Hood, Texas! I love it here! But that may be subject to change with the hottest months ahead of me. And we rescued a dog! Her name is Lotus! Isn't she something- here she is with my daughter, they are best pals. 

Now for the house-keeping!-
I am currently weighing in at 223, 11 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 212. Also to be known, I just had my first fill this week since having my son. What a world of difference. Not entirely sure what took me so long to have the maintenance done on my band, but I sure am glad I finally did. My eating has changed significantly, and my energy levels have changed drastically, and all  for the better. 
Every Wednesday will be my weigh-day.
Every Friday will be for a shout-out to the person or thing motivating me to stay on track. 
Every Monday will be my New Yew tip, where I'll share a new (to me) helpful healthy tid-bit. 
And I'll fill in the blanks in between!
Goal - get to "Onederland"
Goal within that goal- get to pre-pregnancy weight. 
Bigger picture goal- do both before husband deploys!
I'm ready to hop back on the band wagon (finally!), if y'all will have me that is!

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  1. Hi Kelly!! So good to see a post from you! I'm so happy to hear life seems to be going well, and little Ezra is a handsome boy! How is Texas? I need to give you an email, as alot has happened with us! Jesse is back in the military and we have a baby boy!! Ill shoot you an email soon:) love- Sonja