Thursday, February 9, 2012

Title In Post!

I call this post "How I'm Not Going to Put On 70 Pounds With This Pregnancy, And Therefore Won't Have To Correct The Errors of Laziness While Growing a Baby In My Belly That Would Further Result In Bad Lifestyle Habits After That Baby Is Born (Which Would In Turn Take of Years Of The Life I Would Have With My Babies,) And Not Need To Get Some Sort Of Surgery To Rectify All Of The Above!"

Call it a title. Call it a run-on sentence. But I call it the truth! This week I started falling back into my old habits. It was really hard for me to find honesty with myself and notice that the way I was starting to look at food, was reverting back to my pre-surgery days. And my pre-surgery days were mostly all habits that I had formed while being pregnant. So here I am pregnant again... how am I going to stop this cycle?!

I have no desire to push out another 10 pound baby. Not only was I unfair to my daughter while I housed her in my flabby belly, but I was unfair to her for the day she came into the world. There was no reason why she had to weigh that much. I am most positive that I am the reason she did, due to my eating and exercising habits.

I am truly very excited to have a healthier pregnancy this time around. I will not be utilizing this pregnancy as an excuse to not exercise, or not eat properly. I also WILL NOT be putting on 70 pounds. I don't look at this as setting myself up for failure. I know that pregnancy most often comes hand in hand with weight gain. I know that things will change as my body changes... I have been through this once before. But 70 pounds is just simply not an option.

Though I am still early on in this pregnancy, I have to make this vow right now in order not to fail myself, my unborn child, my born child, and my husband. This time around that I am with child, I will do better, and I will be fair. Help keep me honest folks! I will of course be writing in future posts about slip ups (perhaps having to do with fatty ice cream and sodium enriched pickles). But overall, I won't be allowing myself to eat a box (or sometimes two) of Kraft spiral macaroni and cheese a day. In other words, I am looking forward to doing this differently.

I will do better, and I will be fair!
Hold me to it?


  1. You can do it, Kelly!! It isn't easy but it is totally worth the hunger frustrations. I had to learn it when I found out I was gluten intolerant and now being pregnant is another battle to balance my diet, and moods. Try keeping a food journal. It helps me. Also, don't forget those prenatal vitamins! They help cravings by filling in those nutrients you need.
    1st Trimester=0 extra calories
    2nd Trimester=300 extra calories
    3rd Trimester=500 extra calories
    but you probably already knew that :)

    1. Elaine! This comment is so helpful to me! I didn't know this about how the calories increase!!! I really appreciate this information! And thanks for the positive encouragement!

  2. You can do it! Just think to yourself that everything you put into your body is also helping your baby grew, give your baby the best food you can.

    1. Great way to think!! Thanks for the tip!! Thanks for believing in me as well!

  3. Haha, love the title! You can do it!