Friday, November 11, 2011

Working the Scale Corner No More!

Definition of a Scale Whore- one who hops on the scale at least once a day, in hopes to be paid in pounds lost. Often resulting in bad payment.

This was me. For a week.
Never. AGAIN!

So ridiculous. I went through a lot of unnecessary disappointment this week. I even went so far as to buy a new scale, just in case my original one wasn't telling the truth. Each day my weight would fluctuate 1-5 pounds. This was something I absolutely hated seeing (who doesn't?), especially because I have been busting butt and pushing myself at the gym. Not to mention I have been counting calories all week. It felt like all of my hard work was absolutely pointless. Yes... I did have a "screw-it" thought pass through my little pea-brain, but I did not act upon it. It was very tempting to say "Screw it. All of this work is giving me zero results. Why bother to continue it?" But after going through all of the hard work of the surgery, that kind of mind-frame is just not acceptable to me. 

Something else working against me this week, is that annoying lady time of the month. So that could have quite possibly been the reason for the weight flux. 

So what did this week of scale hookin' get me? A lot of unneeded and unnecessary stress... and maintenance! If I had just stayed clear of the "corner" this week, and stayed loyal to my healthy scale relationship, I would have had refreshing results at the end of the week. A .1 loss. 

Lesson learned!

Some things I will be doing within the next week on top of going to the gym every day, to take my getting in shape up a notch are purchasing the BodyBugg, and joining Team Beachbody. I've heard great things about the BodyBugg and will be buying that next week. As far as Team Beachbody- I just joined today. I look forward to seeing results with this program and having a coach (who happens to be a fellow friend!) to help me along my weight-loss journey! I'll report more on that as things progress!!


  1. You are doing great! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Kelly! Just got your comment on my blog - so glad that you're following and that you like it!! This is something I never allow myself to do, because I canNOT handle the stress of seeing my weight go up and down. I weigh myself ONCE, on Friday's, sans clothes, apres pee, and that's it. That's the number for the week. I used to work in a weight loss clinic, and had clients who weighed themselves every day, multiple times a day, and were SO frustrated. I suggested just staying off the scale, but hey, people gotta do their own thing! When I'm losing, it's once a week. Who knows, in maitenence, maybe I'll check in every day, I don't know, but for now, once a week keeps me sane! Looking forward to catching up with your story -sounds like you're doing great!

  3. Hi Sweetie!! My scale is broken right now and I really miss stepping up on it. So I found a scale once at a laundry mat we were at a couple weeks ago and then here in Florida, at Publix, there is this GIANT scale I can step up on when I enter the store. It is a timing thing, as I still don't like to broadcast my weight . . . lol. It is the biggest scale I have ever seen. If I can, I will get a picture of it before we leave. It is pretty cool. The problem with not using the same scale, I don't know if the few pounds I am going down is accurate or not. I will go with loosing . . . lol. Love you lots!!! We are both proud of your determination to get in shape. hugs and kisses : ) xxooxx