Friday, October 21, 2011

Port Protection

Obviously the area that contains my port is sensitive. I've heard many a bandster talk about it starting out extremely sensitive and staying that way. But there are times (like when changing my daughter's diaper for example) when I wish that my port could come with the same kind of protection that a gentlemen gets for his... shoulders during the pleasant game of football.

New invention- shoulder pads for our stomachs! 

Mmm... no.

My baby girl always seems to kick me where it counts, at least half a dozen times a day. Poor port, always taking a beating.
My port will have it's pleasure this Tuesday though. I'm getting nervous about my first fill. My stepmom sent me some Lidoderm patches to help take the edge off on the big day (thank you kindly, I love you =D!!!) I think what I'm most worried about is what it feels like, and what happens if I go straight from yellow to red, and completely skip green!

Silly I know. This coming from the same girl that had to be mentally dragged, kicking and screaming to get the staples out from the surgery. No pain no gain. But I am such a pansy!

Oh, and lame-o here forgot to weigh herself today. So my weekly weigh-in will be a day late this week. Not that I'm overly excited to hop on the scale... almost positive it will be an increase this week. But whattaya' gonna do? Embrace, embrace embrace. AND GET MY FILL BEFORE I GO OFF THE DEEP END! Can't wait to get from yellow to green!


  1. Good luck with your fill !! :)

  2. The port tenderness will get better - although I didn't have to content with a kicking infant! Don't expect too much from your first fill - it took quite a few before I could even tell that I had a band! So your exercise and food choices are really important. Good luck!

  3. I also had several fills before I found the perfect amount, but I did feel a difference each time. Patience is a virtue during this time. Stay positive, you will be so happy with the band. You are doing a great job and we both love you FOREVER!!!!lol

  4. My port also seems sensitive. I haven't had a toddler kicking it, but sometimes while sitting at my desk at work, I will just feel this kinda pain - it's SO hard to describe - but just a twingy kinda pain - not pulling or knotting or anything funky, but just hard to explain. Bad enough that I notice it, but not too bad that I can't stand it - I hope it's normal! But I do agree with port jock-straps at first! lol

    Also - I'm getting my first fill on 11/5, so I can't wait to hear how yours turns out, so I know what to expect. I mean, I KNOW what to expect per the books, etc, but having another "pansy's" opinion will help!! Hugs and sugars!!

    Bubba!! <3