Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Fill Experiences

So, my first fill was on Friday! The appointment itself was interesting to say the least, but only because I have never seen such a horrible lack of organization. Dealing with this German hospital has been good and bad. Positive because they did a wonderful job with my surgery, and medically, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Negative, because its been a nightmare with the language barrier, and the commute is retched. Also, I don't think a lot of the doctors up there are wild on the idea of American patients.
Anyway! The fill itself was perfect! I had no pain at all. However, the doctor that did the procedure, took me right back to radiology. He didn't even attempt without an X-Ray. I've heard that this is not the norm. I've heard that they normally try to get to the port without it, and should they have no luck, that they then move to do an X-Ray. But, he did a sufficient job none the less. He put in 3cc's. This made me happy. I was concerned because of how hungry I was, and how much I knew I needed a fill. These trips to Frankfurt are hardly what I want to do once a month. So I requested that he put in as much as possible, due to the fact that its a good two hour drive. And also, every time I go for an appointment, we basically have to plan to be there for a solid 3 hours, if not more. Not ideal for my little one. She gets VERY bored, VERY quick.
I of course didn't feel much different after the fill. I was advised to be on liquids for the remainder of the day, and then I could go back to regular foods the following day. So it wasn't until the Halloween party that I had my first bit of food. Well, low and behold, I ate too much, or I ate too fast... I'm not really sure what happened. I started out very focused on my eating, making sure I was chewing and so forth. But I think with getting distracted in conversation, one of the two happened, and I made a mad dash for the bathroom, which was of course occupied, and then ended up outside. But by the time I got out there, I simply paced up and down the side walk, and after 20 minutes it seemed to get better. This was my first time around with food getting stuck, and let me tell you, I did not enjoy in the least!!!! It's all about learning at this point. I just can't wait until I have this band all figured out!

On a brighter note- Here are some fun pictures from the party, courtesy of my dear friend Connie! 

My husband and I, dressed as old geezers. 
I have a feeling this will be us in a couple dozen years!

My little bumble bee! Missing parts of her costume, but you know how it is with toddlers!

Well, back to the fill.  I'm hoping that the amount I have in my band right now will do the trick. So far it has. I am not hungry much at all, and when I am, I am feeling a good amount of restriction. I must say, the full feeling is really quite marvelous!!!!! 


  1. That is quite an experience, thanks for sharing it. I get my first fill on 11/28, so it is great to hear of someone who had it done recently. I'm really scared of experiencing what you did at the party, but I'm sure it is inevitable. Good luck with your fill!

  2. Cute pictures! Glad your first fill went well!!

  3. Your daughter is such a doll baby !!