Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shark Week Rants!

I guess I should start off by saying these next rants should probably be taken with a grain of salt because I'm surfing the crimson wave this week. But it would feel really great to get these things off my cranky chest!

Let me start with the jerk at the gym this evening! I shall call him Gym Jerk. I arrived and started in with my normal gym routine and Gym Jerk was on the treadmill. This past week, only 3 out of the 5 or 6 treadmills are in working order. At every other gym facilities on the different military posts/bases, they have little signs that say something like "Only use machine for up to 30 minutes when others are waiting." So one cleared up and I hopped on, because I was "next in line" so to speak. As I'm like 10 minutes in to my run, I glance over and notice Gym Jerk has been on for 55 minutes. Whatever... maybe he's just more important than everyone else. Maybe he'll get off soon. Another machine clears up, and another person hops on. I'm now about 15 minutes in and another person arrives at the gym and attempts to hop on one of the 3 broken machines. Gym Jerk is nice enough to tell this person they are broken, and then looks over at me with "I think its time you get off." written all over his face. Whatever. I finished my run, and moved on to the elliptical like I normally do. I never did notice when Gym Jerk finally gave up the treadmill to someone else, it wasn't until my routine called for the weight machines that we met again. I was on the unit that works your abs, and noticed Gym Jerk was on the machine I typically headed to next. No biggy. I could find another machine to play around on until it was free. When he finally freed it up, I headed over, set down my water and began my arm reps. No sooner did Gym Jerk walk over to the machine I was using and just stood there. I kind of thought maybe he was standing up in between his reps, but after about a minute of him standing there, I noticed he was staring at me! So I said "Can I help you?" He says "I was using that machine." To which I responded "Yes... you were.. then you got up and walked to another, and it looked as if you were done here." And he proceeded to just stand in front of me... ohhh Gym Jerk. Its the wrong time of the month for you to be doing this! So I ignored him. Finished my reps, and took my time in between. Sorry. You don't get to claim more than one machine at a time =) I don't think he could have moved into the seat any faster after I got up, with out sitting on my lap. So I turned to him and said "You don't want me to wipe my sweat off of that first!?" And he just ignored me. What a moron.


I'm irritated with the hoops I have to jump through to get a second fill. Maybe this is making up for the lack of hoops I had to jump through to get the actual surgery. But is there really no one at this world renowned military hospital that can stick a needle in my port and inject some saline solution into my band!?!? I have to drive 2 hours away, for an appointment that should only take 10 minutes at the most (and normally ends up taking 3 hours with this hospital) and then drive 2 hours home. Not a fun day, especially for my daughter. So after making almost two dozen phone calls to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) I went right around in a circle to find out that they would refer me off post (which is to the hospital I've been going to anyway.) So I was going to suck it up and just go again to Frankfurt, because I really need another fill. But I got laughed at on the phone, because I didn't have a referral letter from my insurance! So even more irritating... I have to go to a whole separate appointment, just to ask my PCM to write a referral, then wait for the referral to be approved, ~then~ go to Frankfurt for the day, just to get a fill. Awesome.

Annnd... Neeeeeeeeexttttt!!!!

I hate my husband's night shift schedule. Still. The END.

By the way- Gym Jerk- I hope you pull a muscle. *Hugs!*

*Sigh*... Just kidding. But I really don't like you.



  1. Why do some people feel they are more privileged than others? Glad you stuck up to him!

  2. Gym jerk is right, what a "lovely" human being he was. I hope things settle down soon for you :o)