Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pregnant with the Band?

Can any of my fellow bloggers tell me about how the band works with pregnancy? My husband and I have recently decided that we want to try for number two. I just want to know what other's experience's have been with "banded baby bumps"!! Any information you might have would be excellent!


  1. No personal experience with that but it is my understanding that most people have a complete un-fill early on and stay that way until after the baby is born. If you breast feed it may need to stay unfilled until you are done with that so you can keep up on your caloric intake.

  2. I have no experience with it yet but I was clear with my doctor that I did want to have another baby after getting the band. He said they would do an unfill and I would live life like a normal pregnant women. pickles, ice cream and all.

  3. no experience with it, but my surgeon said very specifically to be careful not to conceive within the first year to year and a half of being banded. after that time is up, should pregnancy occur, the band must be completely unfilled for the duration of the pregnancy to allow for proper nutrition for both mommy and baby. good luck.