Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back On Track

I weighed myself this morning and it seems that I am out of my weird plateauing funk and officially down a pound. I wasn't all that happy with this pound, only because I've lost it before, but at least I lost a few more ounces just to top it off!! But this pound for me is very special. During my first pregnancy, I never.. EVER.. lost a single pound. It was always an increasing number on the scale. So this one pound, so generously appearing on Valentines Day (ahhhh, sweet love), is very revealing for my future, I feel!

Now before I go on... I want everyone to know that I am 100% ok with the fact that I will most certainly be gaining weight with this pregnancy. I know that is what's natural, and I am in no way going to be starving my baby or cutting off the oxygen to my baby during workouts. But...

I still have this vision that I can reach "one-derland" while pregnant. Just a vision! No one jump down my throat, please, for being optimistic. If it doesn't happen until after the pregnancy, fine. But if I can achieve it in a healthy manner, in a manner that will still give my little Peanutly all the nutrients and.. well.. oxygen it needs, why not shoot for it?! It's only 15 pounds away. Wow. I remember when it was 40 pounds away. That feels pretty good. So, 15 pounds. Even if I just dip a toe in the "one-derland" pool... I'd be thrilled with that. Because 15 pounds, at maybe one a week, would bring me well into my second trimester when my calories are supposed to slightly increase. So if I touch 1-something and go back up, I would mentally be able to handle it.

ATTN: THIS IS NOT A DIET! I will not be eating less or changing anything about the way I eat or exercise! This is simply carrying on the way I have been, and continuing to eat healthy. THIS. IS. NOT. A. DIET.

So before commenting, please re-read paragraph number 2. I will be going over this ~vision~ with my nurse and/or doctor when that appointment comes up on the 22nd of February. So I promise to only go by what the ole medical team thinks is safe! =)


  1. I think that's an excellent attitude Kelly and you're to be admired. People need to remember that any excess weight is full of nutrients and energy so as it breaks down it is helping provide your little one with everything he or she needs and makes your pregnancy healthy too. xx

    1. Why thank you Sarah!! I was nervous about this post, and how some might take it. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you grasped what I was shooting for- a healthier pregnancy! And therefore a healthier delivery!! Thank you for your support girl!

  2. It seems that you have it well thought out and have a plan that will protect you and the baby, so you have my full praise. Remember the doctors and your intuition are the experts, not anyone else.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you are not using pregnancy as an excuse to start eating poorly or not exercising. Of course you are not starving yourself; you are continuing to get healthy for this baby.