Monday, February 20, 2012

Back In My Favorite Hoodie!!

This. This article of clothing right here... is my. Favorite. Hoodie!!!!!

The reason this hoodie happens to be my favorite, is because my husband gave it to me at a moment I was most proud to be hanging on his arm... when he graduated basic training! I was (and most certainly still am) so proud to be his wife on that day!
The names that are listed on each side, are the people that were in his company. 

And here we are! The day he gave it to me! Looking frumpy, next to him in his fresh Class A's. Its funny how much more decorated that uniform is already! 

I was so proud after returning home (and him on his way to his next training station) to flaunt this hoodie!

As I started to gain weight, it began to get tighter and not so flattering (yes, even I could make a hoodie even less flattering then it already is!) and it took a "back seat" in my closet. I was quite bummed that it didn't fit anymore. Such a drag!

Well... in my many failed attempts at finding something to wear today, I got to the end of the line in my closet and there it sat. I pulled and rubbed the sleeve of this sacred hoodie, and reminisced about the days (not much unlike today) where it cured my frustrations of not being able to find something to wear. So... I figured why not? I yanked it off the hanger, and gave it a go! 

and ugh...


Non-Scale Victory much?!? I think so =) Although, my scale victories aren't to shabby these day's either!! ;-)


  1. That is a wonderful NSV.

  2. I am so happy for you, as a military wife I know the pride you speak of. I am glad that it fits again.

    You look fabulous!