Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness... and I'm Not Talking Basketball.

I'll start out by saying that this post has purely originated from a hormonal rage/pregnancy-induced emotional fit. But this month has me feeling completely anxious and overwhelmed. There are so many things happening in the month of March. And its not even that they are bad things, they are just HUGE things. Well... huge in my little world anyway.

What my calendar for the month of March looks like-

First up, my husband goes to his next promotion board on the 6th. This is such a big deal for him and our family, and the days preceding it, are normally pretty stressful. He hasn't exactly had an easy go of it. Especially last month, when he had studied for weeks before, and the day before the board, fell ill. So ill, that it really salted his game. When he arrived home from that board, his face was so swollen (sinus infection) that I could hardly recognize him. So I'm praying that this month goes smoother for him, and he achieves his goal.

Next up, is a medical procedure for my hubby, on the 13th, that will hopefully put him a little closer to a pain free knee.  They are doing an injection into the lumbar region of his spine, in hopes to block any nerve endings causing the pain in his knee. We're both skeptical about this due to the fact that one of the many doctors he has seen, said that it was not nerve related... *sigh* we shall see. Again I'm praying- praying that this might actually be the start of a cure for him. That maybe he can just be happy and pain-free again.

Following closely to that, is something that should help lighten our spirits no matter what- we get to see Peanutly for the first time on the 15th. This is so totally exciting for a couple of reasons. The first being that, well, WE GET TO SEE OUR BABY! As a family! For the first time! So wonderful! But second, because March 15th, is a pretty big day for my husband and I. We call it D-Day. It was the day that he asked me if we could make our relationship official. March 15th... six years ago. So I can't think of any thing better to do on this day, then to see our growing son or daughter (son..son..son.. he he he). Again I'm praying- praying pure praise to the Lord for the blessing of this baby!!!

But overall... those things are all manageable, and don't seem so monumental, until we pile on what the month of March means for my husband's Army career and our life as a family. The month of March, a whole 31 days, is my husband's re-enlistment window. This month will possibly be enormously revealing about our future this year. Where we'll go next, when, whether my husband will get to watch our unborn baby grow up or not, and watch our daughter continue to grow(deployment or not). Its quite a trivial month. And to make matters worse (in my eyes) hubbers is on the night shift this month. So it makes it harder to deal with filling out paper work, going up the chain of command (whom are all on day shift) for answers on paperwork, filling out more paperwork... yada yada yada.

I am 100% relying on the Lord, for I know where ever we go next, will be just where HE wants us to be. I know God has my best interest at heart, and that of my family's too. And maybe when I get over trying to be worried, stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious about what's to come in March, God will be able to do His job... I know He needs me to get out of my own way. Why is it so hard to do that sometimes?

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  1. Wow, you do have a lot going on this month. Try and keep your stress level down. I am very excited to hear about your pregnancy with the band. Take Care!!!!