Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent & First Peanutly Appointment!

Well! Lent starts today! So this past week, I had to kind of take a step back and see what parts of my life need to be set straight.

I thought about my eating. But I kind of feel like the Lord has helped me center and balance that part of my life. Of course there are things that need attention still, its not perfect, and never will be! I just couldn't think of any kind of food that I could give up and actually have significance enough to pleasure my God. Or any kind of food, for that matter, that would remain healthy for my lifestyle (fasting is out of the question for me and my little Peanutly!).  I don't smoke, and don't really drink (at all now!), can't have caffeine any more, and haven't been allowed soda since surgery! And then it hit me, as I sat on my butt, scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed for the 20th time that day... I need to give up Facebook! I am so addicted to checking up on it, seeing if I have a little red notification... or a new message... or seeing what she said about what he had done to that dude when he said that to her... OH BOY! I can openly admit that my faith is suffering because of Facebook. How many times a day should I have opened up my bible instead of opening up my laptop!?! How many times a day should I be chatting it up with my best friend Christ, when I decide to open up Facebook chat!?! So! Here's to day 1 of 40. Anyone want to put money on how much cleaner my house is going to be!?! He he he =) I will have so much more time to focus on living my life like Christ- taking care of my home, and my family, and my body!

As if today was not exciting enough, I had my first Peanutly appointment!!! Just the nurse appointment, no ultrasound or fun heart beat sounds. Even still, just talking about my little Nutly, makes me so giddy with excitement! Turns out, I'm around 6 weeks and 1 day. The nurse gave me an estimated due date of October 11, 2012. Kind of awesome. 10-11-12! What a neat birthday that would be! My daughter was born exactly on her due date, it would be great if this one was too!! I was also able to ask some questions that have been quite pressing lately. Firstly I wanted to know about my exercising. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was worried about what high heart rates would do to my little baby!

But just as I suspected, nothing I do will harm the baby. Just so long as I'm not sky diving or horseback riding (where I could be thrown off), little Peanutly should be just fine =) He told me a good rule of thumb to follow, is that if I can't carry out a conversation while working out, I should probably slow down. Easy! Now I can continue my work outs with a piece of mind! Another thing that was weighing heavy on my heart, and filling it with a bit of anxiety, is that baby is due around the month that we PCS (Permanent Change of Station). So I've been very curious wether or not they would extend us. I am dead set on having this baby at home. Not that I didn't have a good experience here with my first, but I would much rather be home and with my family for this little bundle of joy! Well, according to the nurse, he could almost guarantee that we would qualify for an early PCS! In order not to violate OPSEC (Operation Security) I won't say when. But I'm quite excited about the vibes he was sending me about it! Of course this is the Army... and everything is ALWAYS subject to change. But at least it gives me a little something to go off of! My next appointment is on the 15th of March! Kind of an awesome day to have this appointment, and let me tell you why. 6 years ago on the 15th of March, my husband and I started dating! We were in high school! I couldn't think of a better day to see our little baby for the first time then this day. Its fun to look back on the March 15th, 2006... I would have never imagined that 6 years later that's what we would be doing! God works in such wonderful ways, I love the way He's worked in my life! Just utterly amazing!



  1. Kelly, I am so excited for you and your peanut!! October will be auch an awesome birthday month for the baby!
    And glad you found something to give up for lent! I wbrlievr God honors whatever our sacrifice is. Facebook should be mine too!!! Lol

  2. Yeah Facebook would definitely be a hard one for me. I definitely think you'll remove a lot of distraction in your life and have more time to spend with the Lord. I know that week will be a hard one for me!

    Good job and excited about the baby news!

  3. October is a great month. Myles was born on the 14th.

  4. I found you on the BOOBS blog... I look forward to following your journey. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa: Blogger from "This One Time at Band Camp... 1 Vs. 300 Check out my journey at