Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 of Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Yesterday and today have been interesting being only on liquids! Yesterday was especially difficult, because I wasn't even sure if my surgery had been approved yet. Only 10 days away, and my insurance still didn't have an answer for me. So when I had to start the liquid diet yesterday, I was feeling kind of anxious about the fact that I was getting my hopes up and spending my time, energy, and money, on beginning this diet. Though even if I did start the diet, it wouldn't be a lost cause if the surgery didn't end up being approved. I knew this. I just wanted to know that it was going to pay off in the long run.
Today, day two, was alright. I found out around 1500 that it was all approved and that I was good to go. So that felt like a giant weight lifted off my shoulders! No pun intended =)
Some of the things I've been consuming are-
Hard Candies
Cream of Chicken Soup
Tomato Soup
Ice Cream
Special K Protein Shakes
Apple Sauce
Plenty of Water

I must say, it's been a lot easier the second half of today, to stick to this diet, knowing that I am working hard toward a specific prize- the surgery. I've learned a lot about self-control just in these past 48 hours. I've also learned that I am not going to wither away if I don't have a huge breakfast lunch and dinner.

I have only told a few of my friends and family about this surgery. The first person I told (aside from my husband) was my  Dad and Stepmom. She also has struggled with her weight, and has successfully had the Lap Band for several months. So she has been a huge support system for me. The second person I told was a fellow army wife, who has been a very dear friend of mind since we moved to Germany. She's one of the few people I can trust to not judge me. And she also, has been a wonderful supporter for me. Then I told my Mom, and my younger brother. This so far, has been it. I have been hesitant to tell many more people, because I am afraid they won't understand, will pass judgement, and/or will gossip about me.
Well, that's all I have for tonight! I'm off to watch "Tommy Boy" with my husband! Good night all!

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