Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 8 Pre-Op

I was going to take a break today... but then I saw a little something special on my computer screen this morning...

I thought this was fun! I have my target weight set at 190, because thats right around my pre-pregnancy weight. Essentially I would like to get to my healthy BMI. In my mind, if I break it up into two chunks (goals) then it seems more realistic! 

Don't you love Lap Band's ways to celebrate!?! I kinda love the whole list. To celebrate today, I certainly will kick back and relax, watch a movie, write a blog entry about this achievement (currently underway), and most definitely will hug someone! I'm probably even going to add...
  • Go to a Zumba class the list! So the class might take place in my living room... whatever! Zumba is Zumba is Zumba! 

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