Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 6 Pre-Op

I have a challenge before me today.

A little reasoning first- My husband is a soldier in the United States Army. We have been living in Germany for a little over 2 years. I have enjoyed it so much. There are two traditional German events that I have not taken part in since being here. The first- Christmas Markets. The second- wine fests' or festivals.

I have a challenge before me today.

Today, on day six of my pre-op liquid diet, I am attending one of the largest festivals in Germany.

 ~D├╝rkheim's Wurstmarkt~  

I'm very excited, and not worried about failing my diet. The thing I'm most worried about, surprisingly, the other friends, and other people in my husband's unit, finding out that I am having a weight-loss surgery. Pretty silly, huh? 

I have only told a small handful of people about my surgery. I've really only told family. The unit my husband is in is really close knit, and there is a lot of drama. This may be a little conceded, or a little self-centered, but I don't want my name being passed around the unit because I chose a road to a healthier life.  

I haven't yet gotten these obnoxious comments-

"You know Kelly, if you just continue to be successful with this diet, you won't need the surgery!"

"Have you even tried just plain old diet and exercise?!"

"Do you really think your that over weight? Isn't a surgery a little bit over-kill??"

And I'd like to keep it that way. Which is why I have chosen to keep my surgery my business, and no one else's. Maybe someday I won't fear those comments. But I guess I'm just a little too sensitive today to let to many people in. 

ANYWAY!- Back to today! Should be interesting. I plan to bring a couple of my protein shakes with me and a couple bottles of water. It's going to be some kind of difficult to walk by the amazing German cuisine. But I have to remind myself that the liquid diet is not going to last forever. And that the result of my hard work and discipline are showing on the scale!! 

Plus, there is more to do at a festival then eat... right!?! I can't lock myself up in the house just because there might be temptation at my destination. Today I will have my husband, and the one other family here in Germany that knows about the journey I'm on, there to support me. Also, looking down at my daughter is motivation in itself. 

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