Monday, October 3, 2011

Ahhh! To Be Pain Free!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first day since surgery that I have been relatively pain-free. So understandably, I took advantage of it! Went to church, walked around the mall, came home made my daughter and I some lunch, and then we went out and walked some more! It was gorgeous weather, and I was finally starting to feel decent and human again!

Things are finally getting easier. Sleeping, eating, and just going about my daily life is a breeze. I finally am able to fall asleep easy, now that there is no pain. All of my shoulder pain just, POOF! vanished. So weird. But I'm not complaining! My eating is interesting. I am technically supposed to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks post op. I still pretty much am. But I have add in mashed potatoes and eggs to that. I'm simply listening to my body, and seeing what will work and what won't. I feel restriction, and I don't know if that is because of the swelling still or if its just the band doing its lovely job. But let me tell you, after years of never having the sensation of being full, to now feeling it at every meal... so wonderful. I've learned to use smaller glasses, plates, bowls, and silverware. What's the point to have a cereal bowl, when I can only consume about a little bit more than a golf ball of mashed potatoes!?

Feelin' good ladies!


  1. Be sure to follow your post op diet to the letter!! You are healing and you do not want to upset the band with food too soon. I know it is hard but it really is so important!

    Glad you are doing so well, you sound like recovery is moving right along!

  2. I am SOOOO happy to hear you are doing well!! I've been chugging along on my pre-op diet and am ready! I went to my surgeon yesterday and we are good to go! I go in at noon on Thursday! Keep up the healing and I will keep you up to date on my experience!! Hugs! Bubba