Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gymmin' It and Sammichs

So this past week, I started up at the gym. Not pushing it too hard, as I haven't gotten the go ahead from my surgeon for exercise. But I'm doing the whole "listening to my body" thing. The feeling after I'm done working out, is basically euphoric. Makes me very eager to start up Zumba again!

My first follow-up and fill is on the 25th. I'm a little anxious about this appointment. Seems like I've been able to eat a little more lately than I should be able to. I'm terrified of stretching out my pouch before I even get to the follow-up appointment. So I've been trying to keep strict to the diet, and chugging water in between meals. However this weekend I did have my first sandwich. It was pretty much amazing. I started off too fast on it, and when I took the first three bites, they fell heavy on my stomach like bricks. I think I was just excited to have my first scrumptious sammi in WEEKS! But then I quickly remembered my proper-band-eating etiquette, and chew chew chew, and then chew chew chew some more, and my sammich and stomach were getting along great. But the fact that I was able to fit an entire six inch sandwich in my stomach, with out feeling sick, puts me on edge. Maybe next time I'll cut that in half. Wow. And to think, a little over a month ago, I was completely willing and able to devour a footlong with a bag of chips and a large soda like it was nothing. And then of course still be hungry after.

Learning. Its all learning about my new stomach, and how to treat it right. Just hope I don't flunk.


  1. Sounds like you need a fill if you can eat a 6 inch long sandwich! I cannot even eat two bites of bread without being stuck! :)

  2. Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi" Do you have a realize band or lap band?

  3. Kristin50- I ate a 6 inch sandwich over the course of an almost hour long conversation with a friend... it was a very slow process! =)

    Lap Band Gal- Hi hi!!! I have the lap band. =)