Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye Staples! Hello Decent Workout?

Let me start off by saying- In regards to my last post, I am feeling MUCH better today. Hallelujah!

Well, today I have to get my staples removed. All 18 of them! Certainly not an appointment I am looking forward to. I'm such a pansy when it comes to this! I have heard from numerous people that it doesn't hurt, just feels like a little tugging... but... Ewww! I'm happy they are finally coming out today though. For me, it will really feel like the surgery process is over. I can close that door and open the new one to weight-loss. Also... I'm really tired of tearing bandages off of my skin! So it will be nice not to have to worry about changing those anymore!!

So I have some questions about exercise. I have been walking everyday, wether its through the mall, or through the neighborhood, I have made sure that I am getting my walking in. But I am wondering when its safe to really pick up the pace a little. Once the staples are out? I am desperate to start Zumba up again, and also really eager to get to the gym. Especially since the gym on any post or base here, is free for military and their families! How soon after you were banded did you begin a workout regiment?


  1. My surgeon allowed me back in the water at 5 weeks. He did not want me doing aerobics for 6 weeks however.

    Check with the surgeon, and follow their suggestion.

    I understand the want and need to be working out, but it is better to be safe and healed well before you do anything to strenuous.

  2. Staples - from your lapband surgery?18? I had no external stitches at all - just took the little sticky plaster off my scars a few days after the operation and that was it. On the exercise front, walking at pace is fine, but you shouldn't do anything to strain your stomach muscles for 6 weeks (or until your surgeon clears you).

  3. Yes, the staples were weird !! I started walking and only did walking for about 2 weeks. Then moved to treading water in the pool. Do you know the German equivalent for protein? Thanks !!