Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well... I wish I had a weight update, but I don't. I had decided I was going to choose Friday as the day I updated everyone about my weight, like many other's have chosen to do. "Friday Weighday!"

Yesterday morning, I hopped on the scale right after my husband left for work (at 5:30 in the morning... YUCK) and I was sorely disappointed when the scale showed an increase in weight! So I dragged myself back to bed, feeling pretty bummed. About an hour and a half later, my daughter woke up. So I decided to just be sure... and it said I was 6 pounds less then what I had weighed an hour and a half ago!

Needless to say, I will be figuring that out very quickly before next Friday Weighday!

I've been doing pretty good lately! Everything feels like it's getting better. Honestly, if it wasn't for this stupid shoulder pain, I'd be able to say the surgery was relatively painless. It's the only thing that has seem to have been getting worse as the week goes by. Yesterday, and today, the pain is so sharp in my left shoulder, I can't take a deep breath with out wanting to keel over. I saw a doctor on base about it yesterday morning, and he basically treated me like I had no clue what I was talking about. That I shouldn't be so quick to relate it to the surgery, and he then proceeded to show me some different stretches... just a big joke. Just have to hope it goes away soon I guess.

One of the really cool things that I have experienced this week, is my friends commenting on the fact that it looks like I've lost weight. Not very many people know about my surgery, so for the people who have no clue about it to notice, feels good!

So my questions for my other fellow bandster's-

Did anyone else have the similar shoulder pain?
What was your diet like immediately after surgery?
 --Were you told only clear liquids the week after surgery and did you follow that?


  1. I did not have shoulder probs but many, many do. I was on clear liquids for a day, moved onto shakes for a few days and then liquified days at four days for two weeks - I think. I ate soup, protein shakes, popsicles, etc. I had huge carpy scale problems in the beginning ... I GAINED weight at the end of liquids only !! Yes, gained ! Your body is going thru some huge changes so just know that you are doing the right thing !

  2. Hi - new follower. The shoulder pain is very normal, and people experience it to different degrees. I'm surprised your surgeon didn't tell you about it, and it should be in the literature they gave you. It will get less painful and disappear within a week or two. I started eating soft food after a few days. Just listen to your body, and don't push it too far. Good luck!

  3. I did follow it and yes I was. Food in your new pouch is NOT a good thing. It is healing and there is a lot of swelling in the beginning.

    I was on clear liquids for 7 days then full liquids for 7 days and then mushies for 7 days and finally solids. It feels like a life time but there is a reason for it! If you do food to early you can cause your band to slip and trust me you do not want that.

    I did not have shoulder pain, however it is very normal and many do.