Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So! What Do You Think?!

Very excited to have my new layout up and active! ALL thanks go to Jen at Just Foolin' Blog Designs! She worked diligently to make all of the wishes I had for my blog, appear! Jen is very talented and further more, kind and professional! If you take your blogging seriously, than have your blog seriously redesigned by someone who know's what she's doing!

Here's what my blog looked like before-

Cute, but completely irrelevant to what I blog about.
Now, feel free to grab a button for your blog to represent! =) 

Thank you for your work Jen! I love it! 

I went to the gym today for the first time since surgery! Did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and another 20 on the bike, which felt nice. I made sure not to over-do it, and didn't push myself as hard as I normally would. I am terrified of messing up my band, and don't want to put a fork in the healing process. I took it easy, and had a nice gentle work out, burning around 450 calories. Not to bad. The gym I went to on post, has a mommy and me area. So this made it really easy to bring my daughter along. I look forward to spending many hours there in the future!

A question I have for my fellow banditas- when you were in the liquid/mushy phase, what did you do if you were invited out to restaurants? Did you stay home until you were in the clear? If you did go out, what kind of things did you order in the mushy phase? Just wondering!
Anyone have any fun recipes to share for the mushies!?!? I need some healthy choices put before me!


  1. Soup is always a good choice when you are in the mushy phase...also tuna salad and egg salad are good if they are available. The other thing I liked was going to a place that serves breakfast...scrambled eggs are good during mushies. Hope that helps!

  2. Soup, chili, yogurt, mashed potato's.

    This too shall pass...soon! ;-)

  3. SUPER cute new blog ... yes, Jen is awesome ! I always tried to go to Mexican and then ordered the bean dip (which I love). My go-to recipe for mushies was chili. I would make my regular chili and then run it thru my Magic Bullet (mini blender). I probably had it 5 out of 7 days. I also had a lot of sugar free fudgicles.

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  5. Thank you ladies!!! I appreciate the suggestions very much! Oh my goodness Cece- sugar free fudgicles make my day! And I too have the Magic Bullet! I have wanted my husband's chili so badly lately... I never thought to run it through there!!!!! How perfect!

  6. My surgeon said that white fish is considered a mushy for the plan that I was on, so I had a lot of fish, especially at restaurants because there were a couple times I had to go out for my boyfriend's work related stuff.