Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well Hello "Mushies!"

Officially entered the mushy stage this weekend! Pretty nice to have something with some consistency! It is also nice to feel restriction! Things that I used to easily be able to eat an entire bowl of, I can now only eat... oh... I don't know... a HUMAN PORTION SIZE! Hello!!

Things are really starting to feel normal now. Everyday I learn more and more about my band, and about my new stomach. However, something I know I need to chill out on, are my nerves flaring up every time I get a headache, or body ache. I instantly think that something could be wrong with my band. Did anyone else go through this? Is this normal? And how long did this weird paranoid feeling last?

Well! Anyway! My family is waiting for my undivided attention! So I'm off!

Oh... but not quite yet.. got some shots of my daughter and I this weekend! Feeling better and better about being IN the shots with her, instead of being always behind the camera!

LOVE HER!!!!! She's such awesome motivation for me! Please excuse the pasty white arms...

Ok. Now I'm really off! =)

Stay tuned for a pleasant surprise from a "justfoolin" kinda gal!


  1. You look great and she is an angel! Congrats on achieving the mushies WOO HOO!

    I think worrying about the band is normal and that will get better over time!

  2. She is a doll-baby ! I was soooooooo super careful during the mushies. I ate/drank everything super slow, literally waited between bites, swallows, etc. I was like this for a good long time (and should probably return to that style of eating).

  3. Thanks so much! I'm glad to know that this is how it went for you ladies too, and that I haven't lost my marbles!